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Broken Places

Grief leaves us broken...but it's something we all have to deal with. Join me as I'm talking about a book that broke my heart and then knit it beautifully back together!

The Purpose of Passion

Ever feel pulled in a million directions, all of them good? Let's take a look at how to balance these passions.

Competitive Spirits and Battling Discouragement

If, like me, you've always had a competitive spirit, chances are good you've also faced discouragement that arises from comparing yourself to others. Here's how I've learned to combat it.

What He Asks of Us

Jesus gave up everything for us; what does He ask us to give up for him? Our sins.

My God

I've always found it fascinating how people can acknowledge God without claiming as THEIRS. Do we?


Finding and taking time for prayer has always been a challenge for me--though so worthwhile. How do you manage your prayer life?


My great-grandmother lived to be 103...and she left behind quite a legacy. What, I wonder, is ours?


The Bible doesn't always tell us people's motivations...but it does teach us that they matter to the Lord.

The Fly

A silly story from my childhood that taught me a lot about faith.

Being Who We Are

We should always strive to be better versions of ourselves...yet we should always be who God made us.

Childlike Abandon

Are we greeting the Lord with childlike abandon?

His Kingdom

The only way to bring Him into our earthly kingdoms is to focus on His kingdom first and foremost.

Warriors of Praise

Amazing things happen when praise leads us into life's battlefields.

Praising Him

Let's praise Him in our joy...and praise Him when the shadows come too, just like the psalmists.

When It Hits

How do you respond when tragedy strikes?

Found in Surrender

A lesson I eventually learned after years of vacationing with kids...is the peace that can be found in surrendering what I want for what is best.

The Journey to Mom

Some reflections on the journey of walking with our kids into adulthood.

Who We Get to Be

We get to make the choices about whether we're bitter or joyful, whether we spread light or darkness. Who will you decide to be?

Our Stories

What would our stories look like if people only saw our highest and lowest moments?

Too Young

The world said I was "too young" 20 years ago...but the world has a confused idea of what maturity means.

Walking Worthy

Are we walking worthy of call of following Christ?

Whatever Things Are True

We're to dwell on "whatever things are pure, whatever things are true." But what ARE those things?


Have you ever seen an angel?

For And Against

We all know what the Church is against...but what are we FOR?

Word Fall

May none of our words fall to the ground, but instead be used to build up others.

Love Extravagantly

Sometimes we just need a fresh take on those oh-so-familiar passages, like I Cor 13.

The Poetry of Prayers

A quick look at a few beautiful Puritan prayers

A God Who Loves

You know what makes God different from any other deity? HE LOVES US.

The Truth

He is Truth...but we are too flawed to fully grasp it.

When Fear Whispers

We are not called to walk in fear, but in love.