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Blizzard Faith

What we can see about our faith in a blizzard.

Faith Like a Tumbleweed

Don't underestimate the's a pretty good example of what our Christian life should be!

Big, God Inspired Dreams

How do you know which dreams to chase, that are as much God-led as your own imagination?

The Revealer of Secrets

The same good who whispered the future of nations to His prophets knows YOUR future too.

The Sins of a Nation

What if it's up to the righteous to take responsibility for the sins of a nation?

Cast Down

A bird's nest has taught me a lot about how we should look when we've been cast down.

The Truth of Us

The opposite of pride isn't necessarily humility. It's TRUTH.

Looking to the Rock

Don't just look at your problems and needs--look to the Rock from whom your salvation with come.


We all need community. Where's yours?

The Long Way

Sometimes we need to take the long way if we want to appreciate where it is God leads us to.


We know we have to tidy up our house...but what about our souls?

Written on Our Lives

Our faith should be written all over our lives, like a 4-yr-old with a marker and a vivid imagination

Broken Vessels

Sometimes we're all broken...luckily, in the Potter's hands, that's not so bad.

New But Eternal

We can discover new things about our God only because He is eternal


How can WE be elevators for those around us?

An Angry Dilemma

What makes you angry? What should you do about it?

Thoughts without Action

It's easy to come up with ideas...what's harder is actually putting action to them.

38 Things

A reflection on what I've learned in the past year, on my birthday

The Purpose of Shame

Spiritual Fullness

Is the Church today spiritually full...or spiritually fat?


Every wonder why the Gospel is likened to fruit?

Our Faults

What characters have taught me about our faults and flaws.

The Power of Words

Words ~ and Jesus as the Word ~ have amazing creative power!

The Story of Truth

The same facts can tell many stories. So what is Truth?

Watching, Speaking, Listening

Are you called to watch, to speak, or to listen?

Unity Begins with us

True unity begins with our own decision.

Honoring Undeserving Parents

We're told to honor our parents...but how?

Us V Them

I believe in Good and Evil...but how does that apply to PEOPLE?

A Different Look at the Abortion Question

We get fired up over the loss of life. But are we forgetting to love the mothers?

Tearing Down

What happens when we tear down the work done by the Church in generations past?

Being Complete

He makes us complete every day.

Helping or Serving

What's the difference between helping and serving those in need? Our own hearts.

Actions, Reactions, and #BeBetter

It's not enough to be "no worse than" the world. Christ calls us to #BeBetter. To answer to a higher call, a higher standard.

Understanding Riots

For the first time, I can understand why people resort to rioting...and I owe the insight to fiction.

Digging Out the Roots

We're told not to cause our fellow Christians offense...but how do we dig out the roots of sin?

Our Time Is Not Our Own

Do we own our time? Or does He?

The Right View of God

Is your faith is God as He is...or as you want Him to be?


What expectations are you clinging to or struggling with today?


We all need encouragers in our lives...and to be one too.

Battling the Beast


Is your life cluttered by things?

Not A Flower


The Compassion Conundrum

He calls us to love nothing before Him...yet show our love for Him by loving others.

Holding On

Words of Praise

A few words of praise to a God who is worthy.

Empty Places

How can lack feel like a physical thing? And how do we thank God for tit?

The Purpose of Praise

Why does God tell us to praise Him?

Preparing Our Hearts to Knock

What are you willing to sacrifice for someone ELSE'S calling?


"Clean your finger before you point at my spots." ~ Benjamin Franklin


What are we blind to in ourselves?

Writing and Passion

What are you willing to suffer for? For me, writing makes the list.

When We're Pressed

When we're pressed, pressured, under stress, what comes out of us? Whatever's inside.

Lord of the Nooks and Crannies

He isn't just the God of the whirlwind...He's also the God of the whisper.

Taking Up Our Cross

If He called you to give it all up today, would you REALLY?

Dread of the Cross

Was it the death Jesus was dreading the garden before He was arrested...or something else?

Our Daily Cross

Following Him is a decision we make anew day after day, when we pick up our cross.

Lost Truth

What walls have we built inside ourselves, hiding His Truth?

Trials and Temptations

How are we to "consider it joy" when we fall into trials?

The Invisible

The scariest enemies are the ones we can't see.


Do we let the reality of limits keep us from reaching for the heavens?

Why We Need Heroes

We live in a world determined to due away with our heroes...but isn't that doing away with ourselves?

The Zox Box

Sometimes the things we think are ruined turn out to be the sweetest of all.


I want to be like a potato.


We're called to shine His light

Wisdom and Knowledge

One is changing and one is eternal. Let's not get them confused!

The Word of God

Is it possible to make an idol of the Bible?

Redeeming the Days

We're not just called to BE redeemed, but to do some redeeming ourselves. No pressure!

The Arms of God

Do you throw yourself into the arms of God with the perfect trust of a child?

Lessons Learned in the Laundry Room

It's hard work getting stains out--whether it be clothes or souls

Calming the Storm

Ever wonder why Jesus calmed the storm?

Lessons from Peter

Is this how you ask God to prove Himself to you?

Purifying Ourselves

We can't change our world until we're overflowing with Him.

The Joy

How can we "consider it joy" when we fall into trials?